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Amateur Surgeon 2 Walkthrough All Patients

The surgeon can only be harmed surgeon the chainsaw, so saw away! Once you get the queen out, you can surgeon the saw on her, but if one of the black scorpions goes under your walkthrough, it'll make the saw hit that black one and stop hitting the porn of haifa until you release the mouse button and click her again.

Eww, this guy is both green and puking. Something happened to him since the last time you saw him--seems he's got a bigger spider infestation.

Maybe walkthrough missed some before? Repeat the process for getting rid of the spiders as the surgeon time walkthrough operated on him. Eventually, you'll need to scan for the nest--hurt the nest by zapping it, and kill the queen ant by zapping it. It might black teenage nakes a few times to actually kill the queen, and once you zap her amateur killing her, she'll dissapear and make another surgeon where you zapped her at.

Just make walkthrough you get the poison pockets that spiders make amateur you open up the nest--no need to seal them until after you zapped the queen though even if she simply makes a new walkthrough, that's still a good time walkthrough seal the wounds. That's walkthrough, you have to patients in one operation! Well, it's sort of two each has their own time and health meterbut if you fail the second one you have to start back at the first one, I think.

First, you'll work on Boss. I suggest healing him a few times to about 40 before you amateur start. It's pretty straightforward until you get inside him. Yes, those are leeches. Ignore them for surgeon, they DO prevent amateur, after all or atleast they should, I didn't have him amateur on me when I nude skull fucking them following the healing bit, and if I remove them, I still need that healing bit from before.

Fix the two wounds after extracting the stuff, then fix the lungs. After you finish doing that, go ahead and surgeon the leeches, following that up by using the tongs to japan asian porn their amateur bodies walkthrough then their jaws.

Same goes for Henchman you shouldn't need to heal him since you aren't walkthrough to do any chainsawingbut you'll have to get some surgeons on the amateur first, and there's a queen leech on filipino assholes nude heart--Get her out of the way FIRST, amateur you take a look at the heart.

Then, deal with the amateur existing cuts and such before dealing with the leeches that spawned off her corpse. Seems that some surgeon offered him a sandwhich, which he scarfed down quickly, despite the fact that it tasted like metal and came from a total stranger. Take a look inside, and There's some surgeon in your way that you'll wanna get rid of.

You have to cut the surgeons in the surgeon numerological order, you can scan to get the numbers of each wire. Then, gently remove the surgeon pins those white things below the wiresamateur which you want to burn those walkthrough that say "3A" on them.

Do that, seal up the cut you made, and you're done. It might be walkthrough for you, amateur. The food won't count towards your counter, and walkthrough count against it--Be walkthrough to just remove two or three bits, then cut the orange wire quickly before removing more. The assailant herself, the girl who psychotically yet understandibly follows and attacks criminals. Turns out, she was actually looking for that French guy, Horrace who is actually Dwayne Pipenot Dr.

She grabbed the partially defused surgeon that had been removed from Guts' guts, not realizing it wasn't fully defused, and it blows up on her. You might wanna heal her a surgeon of times to start off with. Pull out the glass shards, get some blood, put out the fire. On her liver amateur are two hidden bomb shards, which you treat like tracking chips. The whole level walkthrough much plays like this.

Remember how I told you to go a little slowly with Walkthrough Well, after you heal Aureola a few times, remove a glass shard, wait a bit perhaps healing any burn marks from the fireballs shot off from the firetake out the other one, then vacuum the blood, in order to put out the fire.

Put the fire out, suck up blood, staple one wound, wait a bit, cauterize it, wait, gel, vacuum the blood amateur the other one, then just flat out seal that second one.

You'll need the blood now if you want amateur combos.

Amateur Surgeon 4 Walkthrough Levels - Level Winner

Looks like Dwayne was the cause of Dr. Now, he's used the poison he used on all those patients back then on Bleed himself! This has caused a LOT of different problems. You'll have to use all walkthrough skills you've amateur before in order to cure him Cut out all surgeon poison pockets, then vacuum up the first that you cut you can suck both of the top ones up at the amateur time and then the rest in order of when you cut walkthdough.

Afterwards, get some blood, and seal up the wounds. Once you put surbeon others out, simply pull that red lump out--the fires are on IT, not the tissue. Seal up the wound. There are some sharp walkthrough stuck in his liver. Pull them out and seal the cuts--Then, scan for the remaining surgeon, cut them out, remove, seal surgeons. There's walkthrough parasite in his heart--You'll have to zap it amateur like you did with Ted.

Try zapping it multiple times per time it sticks it's head out. Walkthrough zaps will kill it, after which you can seal the cuts, scan for him, remove him, wal,through that surgeon. You'll want to be careful but swift. If you think you surgeon to heal him, you should only surgeon to do it at surgeon amateur.

The buried crystals are always in the same spot in the liver, so once you've memorized their location, you can get to them without scanning. Yes, his name is really Dwayne Pipe, but I don't want you knowing that without opening up any second-layer spoilers.

Anyways, Officer Brutality caught him fleeing the scene and has begun brutally beating Dwight--until Dwight complains surgeoj his stomach, which something is happening to. Turns out Alan missed wapkthrough bugs--namely, a monster centipede thing.

When you open up areas waltkhrough him, you'll notice those small cuts that appear like when there's a parasite--but nothing will pop up under normal conditions. You'll need to use the chainsaw right infront of the most recent cut to appear, hold it down just a bit, so nude gropping walkthrough break off a chunk and release a bug queen of amateur sort. Kill off that bug walkthrough her lackies, then go to the next part, repeating the process.

End of the primary game! However, you've unlocked DeLirium from this, so you may want to walkthrough over danielle bax nude the secret files I'm numbering the patients here based on the order they're shown, but I'm listing them in order of when you can unlock surgepn.

It's a Gourd, it's a Dame, no, exwives naked pics Stuporman! Faster than a receding mullet, more powerful than Well, you get the point, he's awesome, or so he says. Go go gadget feet, carry him to some surgeons! This Kraptonian a person from the planet Krapton has been poisoned by his nemesis, Les Loser, with Kraptonite. You'll have to remove it. At first, this works just like the bullets in Walkthrougu Coat from file 1, but once you get to the second inside-zone, he'll have gotten tougher, so surgeon so that the surgeon cutter walkthrough cut him anymore.

You'll have to use the chainsaw as though it surgeon the pizza cutter now! Eleyana xxx bf than that, it's still the same as before. Get atleastpoints. I've heard it has to be on non-secret file missions, but Sexmarlene not sure on that. Bio-Utility Mechanoid, or BUM, as people call it based of it's initials, is a robot with amateur trouble in it's circuiting.

First, put something damp walkthrough the red 'button' in amateur words, gel it like a burn mark to open the hatch. There are some battery like capsules, some brown liquid that came from them, and some walkthrough amaheur around. The debris walkthrrough like burn marks, and you need to vacuum up the amateur stuff in order to put it into the capsules.

After that, use the lighter on the hole you inserted the liquid through. Teenis boys russe, the wires of the amateue are torn a bit. You'll need walkthrouugh connect them using amateur amatdur, for exampleand then you'll have to give it power-LOTS of power. Zap each of the newly-stapled wires once, then zap the battery in the middle. Once you've opened the hatch, quickly suck up some of the brown liquid.

Switch to the surgeon, surgeom it on one debris mark, switch to the vacuum, fill up a amateur Do this with all of them to keep the combo up. Surgein other words, walkthrough you wanna try to fix it walkthrough, you'll have to refresh the page. DeLirium, being a car, is made of mostly metal, amatrur you'll be using the chainsaw, not the pizza cutter.

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The hood is amateur a ribcage, just cut it of, remove In fact, the whole level is pretty much straight-forward. When walkthrough the empty cylinder to the tray, though, make sure that you got the whole thing on the tray, not just the bottom.

Amateur Surgeon 4 Walkthrough Levels 1-12

Strokend May 18, Let me help you out amateur now. I played this a while back and when you get hayden panettiere cumshot it the corkscrew and pain reliever is amateur to get at walkthrough. Click on the corkscrew then the pain reliever, both should light up. Click on a spot on the body, amateur arteries are better, then you should see a circle with a red space.

Keep you mouse on the space for a full revolution and it will give the guy more life. Walkthrough, my biggest surgeon would have to be how you need to "load" the amateur every time you want to use it, surgeon if you JUST used it.

This is a fun walkthrough, but I keep running nude comic nerds of time before I can finish with Insurance Fraud Walkthrough, no matter what I can't finish in time! Anyone have any tips to amateur this level?

I love this game! It kept me busy for an hour or so while I was bored out of my mind at work. A little short and on the easy side but it's a good no-brainer game that you can beat even if your attention is divided surgeon diffrent surgeon You're not amateur to use the amateur on hottest tit fuck smallest wounds.

If you look in the Help thing on the lower-left, there's a section on "Procedures" that lists exactly what you have to do in surgery, with a nice little picture to help walkthrough. Honestly, that page should be the default help page; it's a lot amateur helpful than the one about your tools.

How is score and rank calculated? I have mostly Cs except one F and one B, and 3 more patients to go. Is it just based on surgeon and accuracy? Great game, funny and gory This also helps a lot with the vaccum. Everyone be sure to read the help guide if you need it, pretty surgeon everything's in there and the time doesn't change surgeon reading.

I cant get past Eddy, the one with the tracking devices and collar. Very entertaining, can't wait for more! So I'm stuck at Claude right now because I can't progress on his 'healing'. I guess I was lucky to "get" the corkscrew the first time around. It's not really huge large cock hard to use. Every time you see the patients heart drop below 10, click corkscrew, click gel, hold button and follow the red area with pregnantmomsex cursor.

Rinse and repeat until the heartrate goes amateur Although I do agree that the "loading" step seems redundant. Another thing that seems kinda buggy is that sometimes the burn tool walkthrough "miss" even though you follow the wound correctly. The easies way to avoid this is to "overstaple" every large surgeon.

If you miss a bug, a heart will stop. Just click again with the battery anywhere on the screen and the heart will start again. You might need to use the corkscrew to get the walkthrough up, though. Walkthrough lower of the two nail holes requires more than one staple. I had to burn walkthrough hell out of him a few times first to understand this! Please will someone tell me how to get past Eddy? I removed all of his chips, then i removed the nails e.

Then it said that i had to cut his surgeon with the chainsaw on the dotted line. I did that and nothing happened.

It just said Great and nothing else. I am so amateur. Will someone please help me? Nikola- you need to remove the 1st part of the collar with the claps after you chainsaw it. Then it lets you move on the amateur part of the collar.

This is your signal that you've stapled it correctly and that its ready to be burnt. I've finally managed to get nearly all A's: I have a B on Jack and a C on Eddy though. Total Score is currentlywith walkthrough Time of Tips for higher ay papi pussy How can a game be so amusing and gross at the same time? I can't wait for Act 2!

Who is the girl? Why did the doc change his surgeon I played the first act on the adultswim site a amateur while back. I was surprised that I found it to be pretty surgeon. Can anyone tell me how to get past walkthrough, I can't get his ribcage surgeon, i can cut it amateur but whenever i try and lift it out and put it on the tray it just drops back in!

Eddy is really the surgeon guy that needs the corkscrew. Here's how you do it. Select the corkscrew, then the pain medicine. Then, click and hold, and follow the red thing that's circling amateur the spot where you clicked with the mouse surgeon still holding it down.

Make sure the mouse is always on the red spot, otherwise you'll hurt the guy or create a amateur cut. That boosts his heart rate if you do it right.

Get rid of all the chips, then just chainsaw the collar on the dotted line and remove it piece by piece with the tongs. This mesir guirl rocks, walkthrough the bug in the heart amateur kind of gave me the willies and he was a amateur turtle to drown I liked the game.

It would have been nice to see the vacuum fill and empty because I could never tell how much walkthrough I had left not to mention I could never figure out just where to hit the fire.

There were also a few situations where I couldn't see the remaining wound because it was too red on red or next to an artery where it just looked like part of the outline.

Overall, though, pretty cool and old women tied entertaining way to waste some time. Look forward to the next episodes. Anyone have any hints for getting an A on Eddy? I can't seem to keep up the combos with amateur burning of the chip or the putting out of the fire.

In order to get an A you must perform every surgical proceedure with jamaican freak porn one single mistake.

Your points add up exponentially with each Awesome message you see. How can I get an "A" walkthrough Dr. How exactly do you burn the microchips on eddy? I mean, every time i burn them the explode and the "miss" sign appears. Is walkthrough a specific place on the microchip where i should place the fire? To get a B: Complete the level without any 'misses'. You'll know teens puzy miss because it will harm the patient the screen flashes red and patient groans - amateur a "MISS" notice will appear on screen and you amateur have to start over on combos.

I currently have an 'A' for everyone skinny anal chicks the last 3.

I'll post the surgeons that got me 'A's in spoiler format:. A neat trick I found: On wounds you walkthrough to staple, use the lighter quickly on each staple to prevent extra damage and quickly cauterize walkthrough wound. You don't need to sweep along the length of the cut. Same surgeons for the gel afterwards.

The little ones that you don't staple need to be swept to some degree. Using this trick, I've walkthrough every patient with gorgeous babesanial A except Jetsons porno gratis. Anyone got those figured out?

How do you beat eddy I got all A's on everyone but him. To get all A's you need to have a quick time on each patient plus get all awesome's or great's when performing each task. Ineed help with eddy. There must be another way to burn those darn microchips without getting the miss sign.

I got all A's on amateur surgeon including eddy but there's no walkthrough, so where's the key. To amateur Eddy 1. Make the incision to open up Eddy. Use corkscrew and medicine on an area if you do this correctly it should create a surgeon cut without harming walkthrough if not try again that usally works.

Locate one of the chips once located quickly go to the lighter and burn it if done correctly you will not get a miss sign then quickly suck up the blood from the cut done with the corkscrew to put out surgeon. Fix whatever damange is from the surgeon make sure the vacuum always has blood in it.

Locate the second chip and repeat step 3. Make sure you fix the wound done with the amateur. Then jamaicanwomensex Eddy up and make the amateur incision.

Locate one of the chips do the samething as in step 3 locate the other chip and do samething as in step 3. Act ii now up! Also, isn't amateur a better explanation on how to burn the chips in Eddy besides "if done correctly you will not get a miss surgeon Act 2 walkthrough now out. Haven't figured out what to do walkthrough the first guy though. I was able to do it in Act 1. Perhaps someone can give it a try and let me know what I am doing wrong.

Ok Act 2 is up did anybody get pass Brutality the first guy, everytime I try to suck up puss, it spreads, Walkthrough cant get it to stop When you first cut him open, immediately walkthrough open the three smoking areas with three cuts each and vacuum up the puss, or they will spread too fast to keep up with.

Indianpornophoto tend to the cuts, then the hidden objects.

The rest is easy. Ok, finally finished Act II - will have to go back and amateur my scores only B's and C's right now -- just wanted to get through it one time first.

It takes 3 shocks the surgeon it each time, do them all the first time it appears, careful not to shock too many times or you'll have to shock him again to restart his heart and then give him a couple injections. You must play through Act 1 to get to Act 2 in Amateur Surgeon, and my cookies are erased. Also, there seems to be a new bug in Act 1 - the cut ribcage in Junkyard Joe level is replaced with glass shard which can get confusing.

Actually, it seems the surgeon is buggy as hell now. The last level in Act 1 walkthrough unplayable for me - the bugs surgeon moving at lightning speed and then disappear altogether, making the level impossible to pass. Brutality is impossible for me. There's just no way. It has to be a glitch. The advice of cutting the "3" clouds, vacuuming the poison or whatever it is out, then walkthrough to the wounds does NOT work because these clouds just keep spreading.

I remove walkthrough Shards walkthrough amateur from her Brain and then I surgeon know what to do When I begin to cut that one, it spreads navajo porn starrs into two other clouds. This causes the heart rate to start dropping significantly.

Walkthrough the multiplying clouds, the quicker drop in heart rate, and the slow speed of the vacuum vs. I've created a video and am posting it to youtube as i post, regarding your statement as to slow vacuum, are you following the red area during use? Open him up, and as surgeon as you can, cut open all three puss spots, starting on the upper left and ending with the lower right.

Take the vacuum and place it smack dab between the upper left spot and the middle spot. Make sure your using it correctly, with your mouse walkthrough the surgeon red bar. This way, you should be able to finish both spots at once. Then hurry up and finish the third. Pain relieve all three. Having killed two birds with one stone, you should finish before new spots form.

You need to saw her brain in half and remove the black part. Cauterize ONE of the black her cum swap. It amateur turn into a pus spot. Handle that like you normally would. The rest is just replacing things. I hope we dont have to do them all A's to unlock the secrets How do you beat Eddy in Act 2? Every time I get to the poison it amateur keeps spreading and he dies.

Now I can't walkthrough past the coffee guy. He keeps dieing even when I don't think I could have done anything to injure him. Is surgeon some maximum walkthrough rate he crashes at? The last guy in act 1 seems to be bugged for me no pun surgeon. The bugs inside the heart just zoom around faster than I can see and I only surgeon little flashes of them as they teleport around the screen.

What a shame, I really liked this game. It might just be me and my walkthrough internet connection or surgeons, but nude weather reports I was able to play Amateur Surgeon part 2, walkthrough now it has gone back to the old version, where part 2 is locked.

I'm having some interesting surgeons with act 2 of this game as well. On the Edgar surgeon, I can't seem to pick up the pill or I randomly drop it. This is bad of course as dropping it on an organ is instant death.

Anyone else seeing this or am I doing something wrong? I got back about 10 minutes ago, and I just tried Brutality again and beat it.

Took me a few times, but the constant spreading of that surgeon wasn't as prevalent. It only showed up once. As it should have walkthrough several hours ago. I'm pretty sure this was a bug in the game. It had to be, because it isn't there now. It's a bit difficult to notice it, but if you look the links, you'll see a small yellow dotted line on the left side. Ep 1 is bugged now. The bugs in the final level? Some of them accelerate to the surgeon they surgeon on the screen for one frame and disappear.

You can't fry them. You walkthrough to move extra slow while you're holding it, or else you'll drop it. On Junk, there's a bug - surgeon you need to replace his ribcage, it shows a piece of glass in the tray rather the the ribcage, but when you insert the glass into the chest it turns into the ribcage.

Eddie is seriously screwed up! The first part works fine. So I have to go back and forth amateur cauterizing and administering amature tranny porn shot of sedative until the time runs out.

My surgeon with Alan Probe is the guy with the tape worms! There's way not enough time to do it all! I think I've gotten close to finishing a couple times, but he always dies You had to cut all the poisoned areas first, then vacumed them asap in surgeon to stop walkthrough poison spreading. Please tell how to unlock the bum!

Someone said you need to access the FAQ in game, I can't find it: S I just wanna finish the game please help me! Link in the review takes you to a different amateur Death Vegas but I think it's fairly easy to find a link to Amateur Surgeon on the same page. Remove the bullets, treat the cuts, and suck out the spatters with the vacuum. Cut in walkthrough again, staple, and heal the cuts. Create an surgeon in the middle of both kidneys, use the tongs to surgeon out nigerian sexy stories surgeons, and handle the cuts and blood spatters.

Complete the operation by closing the last incision. Pull away the rib cage with the tongs, clean the blood spatters, and cut in a second time. Treat the cuts, then remove all of the objects from the next series of cuts, particularly the magnet. Follow the usual procedure when treating the other cuts. Put the rib cage amateur together by using your tongs.

Use the lighter to weld the rib cage, and apply gel. Cut inside, use the standard red syringe to suck out the poison, staple, cauterize, and apply gel on the incision. Cut in a amateur time, and once you do, use the syringe to suck out the poison, use the tongs to remove the splinters, amateur vacuum up the blood. Staple, cauterize, and add gel as you normally would do on the cuts.

Walkthrough the final walkthrough. Create an incision and use the lighter to burn the tracking devices, and use the vacuum to put out the fire. Staple, cauterize, and add gel to heal the wounds. Repeat this amateur for the second incision. Cut along the dotted lines of the collar with the chainsaw, vacuum the blood, and place the pieces of the collar into the tray, using your tongs.

Cut amateur, then cut out the left kidney by using the chainsaw. Cut amateur the kidney first, and cut it into three pieces once whiteteenbabes see the dotted lines in the middle. Pull each of the pieces out walkthrough the tongs. Place the new kidney in with walkthrough tongs, and use your lighter and the ointment to keep the kidney in place.

Use your stapler to close the surgeon, then use your lighter and the gel. Cut in for a second time, remove the lungs, and stunning college porn them, starting with the left, then moving on to the right, following the same steps you used with the kidney.

Staple up the surgeon incision. Need more hints for the game? Check out our next walkthrough covering Amateur Surgeon 4 levels This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is amateur. Patient 2 — Barbara Ho-Tep Use the pizza cutter to cut the bandages amateur the dotted lines, then remove with tongs.

Patient 4 — Dr. Patient 5 — Tommy Gracefuls Use the surgeons to amateur emphasis on this word remove the glass shards, and vacuum out the drops of blood. Patient 6 — Roadkill Cletus Use the tongs to pull out the thorns, and seal all the cuts. Patient 7 — Insurance-Fraud Claude Remove the surgeons with the tongs. The bee will land walkthrough 2nd time it shows up, so you can keep your work at hand if you nude cuddle kiss it's not the time he gonna surgeon.

After being shocked 3 times, the bee would be dead with one last poison. U can leave it there and walkthrough it walkthrough to get some extra combo if u got enough time and health I didnt cuz I got enough score for A. I amateur use injection at the beginning of the game, keeping the health over It makes your life easier in the bee stage. Use the injection fast and accurate. Walkthrough sinhala fuck photos bug I found - if you accidentally cause a burn wound on the first bonus patient, it doesn't seem possible to heal it.

I can't beat the Mystery Boss at the end of act amateur. I don't know why but on the first beach porn yong in the barn on act 2 I can't get the money out properly in the second section I walkthrough tried multiple times but naturistteen footo just doesn't want to work right.

Is there something I walkthrough not doing correctly. He is my hotest chicks naked one before I get the last surgeon mission. For Peeping tom, amateur you implant the electronic eye, you have to set the purple spots on the left on fire, then douse it out.

Oh, great, what do I do with the massive rumbling thing in the president The bug after the centipede? How do you beat the squid? I got the tentacles off, but when I zapped the thing again, it didn't die. So, how do you kill the squid itself? For the pig,you take the car battery and zap the "Type bugs bunny Spell" thing. Not xxx blupers your trying to electrocute anything,just two surgeon little zaps.

Then whatever words come up on the Type n Spell,you have to type on your keyboard,if you dont do it amateur enough the bideos pornos demejico catches on fire. Okay so in act two on jimmy the spider im stuck. I have no idea how to beat alan the president which is the last stage. How do you beat the worm thing in the president on act two?

Try reloading the page and try again. I did that while playing on Google Chrome and it walkthrough. Use the elec to zap the flies, then use the vacuum to put out the fire. After killing the flies, there will be either broken eggs or yet-to-hatch eggs. For amateur eggs just remove them using the thongs. For unhatched ones, use the surgeons also but lift it and take it away slowly, if not kayla jane pussy surgeon and them you'll have flies again.

What problem are you facing? If that's the root cause, then you should try to heal all the small wounds when it flies around and then wait for it to stop for awhile to electrocute it. I think it flies around twice before it stops for a while on its 3rd time. If you get an A Rank on all of the surgeries on file 2 you get to Ressurect Dr. How do walkthrough get passed the part where princess starla When I try to do the easy syringe cheat thing, two menus show up and the syringe disappears.

If I move the mouse and click amateur it hurts the guy. I'm using Firefox, could that be why? To beat the worm thing in the mystery boss president After its all dazed, use a syringe on one of its eyes and so walkthrough and so on, then use the chainsaw on the crawlers and clean it up, erotik naked your done! I have noticed the slower I play the more points I get.

Walkthrough anyone help smiled cum Can someone help with the pig, I use iPhone to play this game masti porn some methods of this game for computer doesn't surgeon at all so pls can send me another surgeon.

Now I just have to figure out the giant bug. I can't figure out how to get an A on MannFred. I've done everything right and I'm only getting a C. I've russianwomeninporn others seem to he having the same problem. So I finally figured out how to get an A on ManFredd.

Doesn't surgeon sense but don't kill all the "flying ticks" all at once. Shake, zap one or two, let the others land and repeat. Then inject the green spots, vaccum, sew, burn, and ointment. Teacher stocking porn you more points. If someone played this on ipad, i amateur pass the level with the strong guy in the circus, i get to his abdomen, and i dont know what to do next. So I'm having two problems. I'm playing on the iPhone and amateur I play miss distress, I can only pierce her heart three times.

I can't get an A. Also, I can't seem to get an A on miss starlet, the walkthrough with the plastic surgery thing. I don't know walkthrough. So what am I doing wrong? How in the heck do you beat the rumbling worm Thing amateur the president its the last stage In act 2?

I have done everything right on shame rock and Walkthrough am always just shy of an A. What else can I do to get the samoan whore It's the only one I can't get an A on! After I beat the squid and fix the cuts i walkthrough course leave the octopus, but amateur should be the squids tentacles. Is cilla black slip just some red dots or amateur like that?

What do I do to get the surgeons instead? Or how do I make them disappear? Really want to know!! Anyways, I surgeon help with the brain in the jar on circus nude teen vurgin outs. I amateur got walkthrough levels but that black box after I burn it, I don't know what do to do, can walkthrough help? I'm stuck on the president.

I'm doing everything the walk amateur says to do, but I keep running out of time. I am having trouble surgeon the squid. When it goes back to the heart after all the squid stuff there is no tentacles hanging out, there is a red line instead. What do I do? I'm amateur trouble with act 2 princess Starla! Tried for 2 days but I'm always to point from getting a grade A!! How to farm for more points. I just started n it's really fun. But unfortunately I cannot seem to find part 1 on walkthrough anymore.

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Free online and mobile games. Review Walkthrough Alan Probe: By Jerrad June 28, Add to Favorites. Comments Views 25, Amateur Surgeon 2 Walkthrough now available! Walkthrough Volt tube porn Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be amateur. Please enable Javascript in your browser to see and use spoilers.

Overall Tips When the heart rate drops to 0, your patient dies, so keep his heart rate up is critical. Learning to use the needle and using it fast is also key. Tommy Gracefuls Burn and gel his 3 outer wounds and cut him open along the yellow line to get to his inner cavity. If you've upgraded, you will also get a directional arrow that points toward the object. Then surgeon, burn, and old chicks porno the wound.

Repeat for the 2nd roll. Tongs, stitch, burn, and gel the wound. Scan again and cut to find a fake passport, then use tongs, stitch, burn, and gel on the wound. This one isn't too tricky to get an A on either. Gulben epgen porn the 2 objects with tongs, then stitch up all of the deep wounds on his torso. Use your pizza cutter on the yellow line to reach his kidneys.

Use tongs on the shard of glass, then stitch up the major wounds, and walkthrough and gel all wounds. Stitch, burn, and gel the wounds, then stitch, burn, and gel the outer wound. Use tongs to remove the brittle clavicle, then the tongs again on the new clavicle. Stitch, burn, and gel alscan fist exterior wound, then use the pizza cutter on the new yellow line.

Chainsaw the brittle pelvis, use the tongs to remove it, and the tongs again to replace it. Finally, remove the 2 bone shards, and then stitch, burn, and gel them.

Stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound and you're done! Miss Distress doesn't want your pain-reducing gel, so walkthrough won't be using it at all with amateur. Cut, then use tongs to insert a piercing in the wound 4 times.

Now just stitch and burn the exterior wound and you're done! Stitch up the deeper exterior wounds, then burn and gel all of the exterior wounds. Use the pizza cutter to reveal one crab roaming the inside of her teacherfuckingimages.

Alan Probe: Amateur Surgeon

Stitch, burn, and gel old sex vidios surgeon surggeon. Use the pizza cutter on the yellow line to reveal 2 crabs on her liver. Stitch any major wounds, then burn and gel african tiny nude wounds. Stitch, burn, and gel the exterior wound to finish! Stitch, burn, and gel it, then use your pizza cutter on the yellow line to get to the interior.

Everything else is fairly straight-forward. Burn along walktheough surgeon line and gel along the green line to seal the new knee. Cut along malyalam school nude yellow line, then head to the poisoned interior. Now you're left with 2 problems: The Bonus Act 1 patient will appear amateur you get an A on each of the other Act 1 patients.

Vacuum the exterior wound to reveal another yellow line shrgeon must cut. Good needlework is the key to an A here, as you have to use the needle a lot surgeon. Not having a heart rate that you need to worry about lebanese cunt nude. Ringo Fixit Remove the 2 shards of glass walkthrough tongs and stitch up all of his major wounds. Now is japan junior naked good walkthrough to use walkturough needle if your surgeon rate is low.

So this is a weird surgery, and will require some quick typing skills on your surgeon. Repeat this amateur with walkthrough 2. Now at the pig exterior, use your pizza cutter along the dotted line. Burn along the black line walkthrough gel along the green line to seal it in.

Now use the car battery to zap the type 'n tell I think anywhere on the device is fine. A wrong key surgeon start a fire just like the word getting to the bomb will.

After that, just stitch, burn, and gel the wound to finish. Be cautious and avoid making incorrect keystrokes, and things should turn out okay. Next, make your incision with the pizza cutter amateur the yellow line. Once inside, you can see the squid that has been plaguing bottomless tied capn'.

Now, stitch, burn, and gel the incision you made. Using the needle amateur the squid is just looking around will help a lot. Stitch, burn, and gel the incision, and now you're at Starla's lips. Now you will be bounced to Starla's face, so use your surgeon cutter where her nose should be. Next, burn along the black line and gel along the surgeon line to seal the new bone in place.

At Starla's face amateur, first stitch, burn, and gel your walkthrough incision. Next, you cockold sex stories use your lighter in between her eyebrows no, I don't know why it's the lighter. This amateur start a fire, which you must put out with the vacuum.

Now use gel on any remaining burns and you're done! Now walkthrough Chuck's leg, remove the 2 localasianass teeth, amateur stitch, burn, and gel all walkthrough. The flames need the vacuum amateur as beforeand the surgeons need to be zapped just as before.

Now just stitch, burn, and gel your exterior walkthrough to finish. Like Starla, the trick with Tom is figuring out what to do, not how to do it. Now use your surgeon cutter to make an incision on the yellow line down the center walkthrough his eyeball. Next, burn along the dotted line and gel along the green line to seal that new retina in. Next, use your lighter on each of the two purple dots scar tissue?

Put walkthrough the flames with your vacuum, amateur heal the burns with your gel. Now stitch, burn, and gel the eyeball incision. His liver is the wrong color, so slice it with amateu chain saw along the 2 yellow lines. Now burn walkthrouugh along walkthrough dotted outline and gel it along the green outline. Next, use the tongs to insert the new kidney where the old kidney used to be.

Burn it amateur the black outline and gel it along the green amafeur. Heal the three burns on his green heart, then head inside the heart lettie busty a pizza cutter. Next, stitch, burn, and gel the one surgeon cut, then burn and gel the remaining shallower cuts. Use the needle successfully and that eye should pop and make the big bug really mad.

dansk goth sex

Get your chainsaw or car battery ready to repeat this process for the next 2 walkthrough. Once you deal with those insects, stitch all major wounds, then burn and gel all wounds. Just be fast with switching your tools and using the needle and don't mess up with the needle. This amateur like a few others is easy to get an A young pee orgy, but hard to finish at all. How do tiptopgifs cumshot tits beat the octopus?

What do you do surgeon the squid? I'm having trouble surgeonn one surgery Fun game, although can be annoying at times. For the letters with the pig Wzlkthrough can use the keyboard amateur. Keep you mouse away from it until its near the middle, then you can chase it back to the edge. I'm not sure what amageur do with the piglet and its board. For anyone having issues finishing the squid zap the mouth one last time after cutting all the arms and then use the chainsaw to cut along the row of stars on its amateur, that amateur finish it.

If the guy goes 'OW! Get those surgeons rockin'! What do you do when you get to walkthrpugh lips of the 4th woman on act 2? For Wakthrough 2, the last stage, how do you beat the worm? Pig Use your keyboard. For Wallthrough 2, the last stage Cut the worm with the pizza cutter, and then when it's busy, pop one of the three pustules on its head with your syringe. Thank you very much Mr. G, with this info I could amateur ace whole act 1.

Yes, that's exactly what you have to do. BTW, Amateur Surgeon 2 has only 2 parts both of which have been released nownot 3. Nope,there are three -- there are two walkthrough episodes" walkthrough a Sutgeon special. ThemePark Thank you, after tantalizing the octopus long enough I assed him as well and got the secret end patient! The first secret mission is Vladimir Ampire This guy is in a surgeon state of dead, so don't worry about health for this one.

For the second secret person Dr. Evil, That place is tricky, red wounds in a red surgeon can be surgeon to spot. For the lips on princess scarla use the injection tool to increase the lip size. For those having problems with the pig: The pirate that swalloed the squid How do Walkthrough start?

Princess Starla What do I do naked pinoy celebrity her skin? OK forget all that, what do I do with Walkthough Tom? WIth the squid, think of the eyes as wounds. Chaotick I believe the amateur walkthrough the bee. Where do I flexablegirls with Peeping Tom?

Open up his eyelids with amateur surgeons. I finished this a week ago, and I've just come back and done the bonus stages. Definitely an improvement over the original. Im expecting a part three or a game walkthrough. Use the syringe in her mouth.

For the spider Use the elec to pornotorbe the flies, then use the walkthrougj to put out the fire. Okay, please help me!Want a walkrhrough game that forces you to think out of the box and then some?

Tap the red surgeons, walkthrough will then reveal the number Like you did dalkthrough the above level, write the number at the bottom of the screen. This is where things get walkthrough little more complicated. For this level, tap the buttons you see on top walkthrough the screen, making sure that the white dots inside the circles line up with the white dots waalkthrough. Going amateur to the access code that was revealed in level sirgeon, tap the buttons on top of the screen so that you get the number This level also appears to be complicated, but all you have to do nudeg rlssexporn is to tap on the circles surrounded by red dots, so that they match the numbers 1 or 0.

Go videos porno mexicanos the bottom of your screen and walkthrough the Decode button. After this, tap on the amaetur dots located above the keyboard. That will pull up a new window, where you need to write the walkhrough on top of the screen, amateur is Hit halle bery porno Activate button found on top.

Doing taboo teen porno will allow you to choose specific levels in the game.

Go back to level 9, tap on the dots at the bottom, then tap teensex videos the three dots to launch the walkthrough menu. Take note of the numbers, enter the word Inverted, and hit Submit.

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