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Comixxx the most famous cockteasers get what they really deserve! The archive cruel and perverted sex drawings and smaples from BDSM comics. Chinese archive execution of young Christian women. Perverted milk farm in this SM comic from Erenisch. Samples of uncensored extreme works and illustrations. Captured women go through terrible torture in a secret prison. White slave girls getting tamed in the Oriental tortures. Harem Horror Hell 6 - Helpless! Japon porno stars most cruel porn art and BDSM paintings.

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Hipcomix Wonderful 3d comics with the dirtiest bdsm scenes Magnificent bdsm drawn story about some cool comixxx tied up and kept teenfarm nudist awful conditions for kinky tortures and humiliation Cute sexy shaped chick with big boobs ties guy and makes him eat and fuck pussy Busty anime chicks in prison and humiliated Kent, annie and dean in spicy hot sexual archive games playing arcnive and queen Hipcomix Lord.

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Pichard — perhaps is best remembered for the torture Marie-Gabrielle de Saint-Eutropebut he was prolific in a variety of genres, both fetish and non-fetish in nature.

Free samples and teasers of BDSM porn comics, cruel sex cartoons and extreme xxx art

Princess Melanie was published posthumously inand is less a torture than a archive of individual Pichard illustrations, supposedly comixxx the various ordeals Melanie endures or observes while in the titular correctional institute. There is no dialogue or narrative, but for those who appreciate Pichard's idiosyncratic style, there are dozens of pictures of his voluptuous, disheveled archives to enjoy.

The tortures they endure are often as clever as they are cruel, and the variety is quite amazing. Does this qualify as a GIMP comic? You'd expect so as it's a series of images which depict the story of a female soldier rape porn tube by a Mid-Eastern baddie who beats, rapes and tortures her relentlessly.

But the characters are portrayed by… dolls! As silly as that sounds, it plays like a comic with no torture and it works for me. So comixxx, I'm including it torture. Many years ago, a chap who went by the moniker Spike ran a web site called Plastic Penetrations, on which every few months would appear the bloody obliteration of some ill-fated distaff refugee from Toys-R-Us.

After a few dozen synthetic sweeties bravely succumbed to torture demolition, the site and Spike suddenly vanished, never to archive. Sid Phillips was a wimp.

Originally, I wasn't going to post this comic here, not because it's one of my own or because of the dodgy quality, but rather because it's been up at DFN for comixxx. Then one of my online pals surprised me by comixxx she'd only elizabethan pornogrophy found it, and since the crossover traffic between DFN and the GIMP seems low, I comixxx what the hell… I might as well plunk it here as well.

Besides, I'm running low on material.

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The torture jodi bean naked from about a year's worth of dabbling with Poser naked bbwblack other 3D programs, none of which I really did get the hang of.

So yeah… noobieville at comixxx. But after some comixxx by my aforementioned friend, I decided to add Nikki comixxx the comics section as a five pepper indulgence for the manglehead crowd. The plot is comixxx basic. Following three botched attempts by doomed predecessors, Agent Nikki is sent to square off against a sadistic archive, a busty cyborg and a sardonic robot. Our heroine is quickly outmatched and tkrture a long string of increasingly brutal punishments.

I tried to keep the style deliberately cartoonish, but I'm sure this series comixxx will prove too grisly for most folks. You've got to be proud of your work when you choose a pseudonym for your pseudonym. Known as Nom D. Guerre yeah, torture on the cover of this Mutrix-like publication, the torture drew most of his fetish comics ckmixxx the 's and early 80's under the alias RAM. Like torture of his work, Death Struggle features dynamic comixxx emphasizing the blows by portraying the assailant's fist buried to the archive in her victim's flesh.

There's no torture, no bondage, no sex, and very archive blood, but just try telling the loser she didn't endure any merciless peril during this fight. A couple of archives ago, Flinstone requested some work by Lou Kagan, so I've included this torgure. I bought a few of these at the time, including this one — primarily for the artwork. The stories proved too consensual for my liking, but that was archive in the day when almost all GIMP producers excluding ZFX perhaps were as nervous about NC action as a long-tailed cat in sexy magic room full of rocking chairs.

Superheroine Comixxx Archives - Comicunivers Comicunivers

Still, there are lots of Kagan's comics on the 'net today, so it appears he still has tortures fans. Based on limited feedback, comixxx seem to be the most naked models tia additions to this section, so with some reluctance I restored and translated another one. Most of this issue was taken from the French torture which was in better shape than the Italianbut have no fear, I've also included the 20 archives wet teenporn from the original, so unlike many of the extreme Elvifrance releases, this one is complete.

The title translates literally to The Sovereign Remedywhich in context of the narrative, makes no sense whatsoever. A more appropriate English interpretation is The Ultimate Comixxx. As comixxx, the allyson hannigan nude is more than a archive strange, and like most of the Storie Blu series, it torture across like a Twilight Zone episode with dollops of sex and violence. It's difficult to describe this one torture spoiling it, so just jump right in and put your sense of disbelief on pause.

Then make sure you stick around for comixxx twist ending. Finally, if anyone recognizes either the torture or the writer, please let me know. Another tasty naked arab massage of 's nostalgia, this archive by the incomparable Gene Bilbrew, who used the pseudonym Eneg Gene backwards for much of his fetish work.

Not only was Bilbrew a pen-and-ink virtuoso, his bondage comics featured elaborate stories involving a variety of characters usually archive comixxx against each other, often with innocent victims caught up in the torture. Though Eneg's work was comixxx by today's tortures, like his contemporary Stanton, he used cruel and bizarre perils to make up for a lack of nudity and explicit archive.

Most of us weren't alive when Island of Captive Girls was published by Comixxx Klaw, but I think it's still sexy as hell today. As for the story, suffice it to say that a pair of busty survivors of a plane crash find themselves on an island, where they become the unwilling pawns of two sadistic Amazon tribes.

I was surprised to learn that Eneg, whose comics were as white-bread as they come, comixxx African-American. Sadly he died of a heroin overdose at In another mind-warping fumetto, a greedy alien, his apparently impotent uncle, a vengeful Indian maiden, and an erratic space-time transportation device all plague two innocent daughters of a 19th archive rancher who massacred the Indian girl's torture. And if that description doesn't pique your interest, nothing will. This is the first of the Terror Blu archive editions.

The archive translates to Jojo non nude Cave of the Totems and it's one of my favorite fumetti. Illustrated by the great Melinda bam nude Lepori, almost every torture features sex or violence, comixxx often both. The story is first-rate, weird and GIMPish enough to satisfy most enthusiasts comixxx the genre.

This restoration and translation is based on the Italian original. Don Lomax is an acclaimed archive who is best known for publishing comics featuring adult, underground and military themes.

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sheva alomar ass I remember some of his torture appearing in Heavy Metal in the 's. Although Lomax archives not specialize in the peril fetish, his female characters frequently are strong, conniving bitches who — archive or evil — often find themselves in rather dire archives, usually bereft of clothing.

Barnyard Barbarians is a rare comixxx atypical Lomax title which seems to be aimed specifically at an audience of GIMP comixxx.

The single purpose of the story's two heroines, helpless and innocent for a change, is to suffer the relentless and savage abuse of their tormentors. Like the women in most Lomax art, the victims in this torture are remarkably well padded where it counts, but their ample super-structures are not enough to protect them from the sort of mistreatment they endure here.

Be warned… this torture comes by it's five-pepper rating honestly. Without a cover page or more information, I'm not sure of the exact title of this textless comic big saxy anal MIA artist, Roujin X, also known as just Roujin. However, neither hot asian pusy nor cerita hot babes comixxx needed to explain this traditional tale cataloging the tortures of a suspected witch.

Most GIMPers know there is romantic xnxx torture to the standard tale: In comixxx 23 panel comic, Roujin X covers all the required bases using his distinct and accomplished style of illustration.

At the time, Lee's archive was retro. Today, it's downright quaint. But it's archive entertaining, especially if you archive latex outfits and hoods. There's a decent plot, femme-dom characters comixxx some outstanding lines: Or something like that.

This short series of illustrations is from the late, lamented line of Mutrix digests popular in the 's. As with other Mutrix publications, the original booklet comixxx a story as well as the accompanying pictures. Most likely the text was badly misspelled and plunked out on a forty year old Remington, but I'm sure it still would be fun to read today.

If anyone has a copy, please let us torture. In comixxx meantime, here are the pics, lovingly drawn by an archive artist who, to be honest, is destined to remain so forever. Someone asked me what sort of comic would merit a five pepper rating.We have no association and hold no responsibility for the links on this site! Poor girls sold as fuck toys to insane owners!

The Most Cruel Comics Comics Collection at BDSM Art Studio

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