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Entries for August, 2011

Remove all children from an element using XUL Javascript

This is a small script that will remove all children of a XULElement:

var elem = document.getElementById(‘my_element’);
while (elem.firstChild)

Open an URL with XUL and XPCom

Since the HTML <a> tag is not working in XUL we need another approach to open a URL.
You can use the function below in your project:

function gotoUrl(url)
var nsioservice= Components.classes[";1"]

var uri = nsioservice.newURI(url, null, null);

var eps = Components.classes[";1"]

eps.loadURI(uri, null);

Use it like this:


How to get an elements XY position with XUL javascript

In the XPCOM library there is a function called getBoundingClientRect() that is accesible for any visible element.
So, if you want to get a XUL element’s position:

var rect = item.getBoundingClientRect();
var x = rect.left;
var y =;
var height = rect.height;
var width = rect.width;

Remember, ‘item’ can be any XULElement. For example:

var item = document.getElementById(‘myObject’);
var rect = item.getBoundingClientRect();
var x [...]