Even if I don’t like using framesets sometimes I have to, so when the user comes from a search engine he/she should be able to see the hole frameset, not only one page.

So, I found some frameset detection techniques.

1.) self == top
If the value is `true` it means we have no frames, if the values if false we have a frameset.
`self` reffers to the current window or frame, while `top` reffers to the topmost window.
If the topmost window/frame equals the current frame/window we don’t have a frame.

2.) top.frames.length
Returns the number of frames.

Frameset detection example

window.location = 'index.html';

This could a piece of code to detect if your page is not in a frame. You can use a parameter, for `index.html` to load a certain page from the frameset, using javascript or server side code.