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Entries for November, 2010

Frames (frameset) detection with javascript

Even if I don’t like using framesets sometimes I have to, so when the user comes from a search engine he/she should be able to see the hole frameset, not only one page.
So, I found some frameset detection techniques.
1.) self == top
If the value is `true` it means we have no frames, if the values [...]

As3 mouseChildren – mouse events and relation with MovieClip children

Let’s take the following example:
We have a toolbar (MovieClip) that contains other movieclips and buttons or other display objects. If I want to create an MOUSE_OVER, MOUSE_OUT event listener on the toolbar, every time you move your mouse over a children of the toolbar a MOUSE_OUT and a MOUSE_OVER event is triggered. This can cause [...]