Jquery is a library of Javascript functions and classes that can make Javascript programming a lot easier. Cross-browser Ajax means one line of code with JQuery. Animations, moving objects are easy to do with Jquery.

And it’s absolutely free!

Official website:

Now… what is innerfade?

Innerfade is a plugin for JQuery. You can use innerfade for slideshows. Innerfade fades the content of any container in and out.
Here you can find detailed information about it:

You can find customized versions of Innerfade. For example this is a version with controls. You can skip to the next, previous, or any of your slides.
URL:  http://www.stylephp.com/2009/01/17/customizing-jquery-innerfade-plug-in-adding-controls-navigation-and-caption/

And finally… Why use InnerFade?
Innerfade is based on JQuery, so it’s cross-browser! It’s easier to build a slideshow, especially if your content is dynamic and it is read from a mysql database. An alternative would be flash, but it would probably take you longer to do it.

When do not use Innerfade? If you need other animation between the slides than fading do not use Innerfade, because you will have to expand the classes and this takes time.

Note! A javascript library alternative for JQuery would be YUI(Yahoo User Interface).
URL: http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/