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Entries for March, 2010

FCKeditor Delete functions

Recently I needed some delete functions for FCKeditor and I found this:
Quite handy functions, and they work too. You can choose to allow some functions or not, example here:
$Config['ConfigAllowedCommands'] = array(’QuickUpload’, ‘FileUpload’, ‘GetFolders’, ‘GetFoldersAndFiles’, ‘CreateFolder’, ‘DeleteFile’, ‘DeleteFolder’) ;

Buttons not working in fullscreen (Flash)

Another “bug” I found in Flash. This time in AS2.
Probably some of you noticed that they cannot click on their buttons in fullscreen mode in some browser like: Chrome, Opera or Firefox.
I cannot explain why this happens but I have the solution.
This problem appears only if you set fullscreen-mode from onPress event-handler, with onRelease everything [...]