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If He can answer prayers to help you find missing car keys, He surely can help you understand who it is that you should marry. I've realized that we are both pretty social people and he thrives on all the action at the hospital. But please also know that the people who love you are hoping you make the right decision because they want you to be happy. Yet, this life is hard on the whole family.

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They value femininity, motherhood, and masculinity in men. Probably, not Mount Meadows level, but be prepared to have to apologize on her behalf a lot.

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When you have hot young tarts with tight little bodies and flawless faces you need to experience them in all of their glory. With an 18 Only Girls discount you can do just that.

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Having said that I'm not looking to get married any time soon, so no. Maybe watch "Going Clear" with her. Trust your instincts and your spiritual promptings.

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I tell her there's no pressure and we'll just see how things play out. It just seems like I'm never on his mind unless I'm physically in front of him, and then he's sweet as can be. Thanks for sharing your story.

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We have 2 beautiful children and he has a daughter from his previous mariage he rarely sees. I love talking religion with him and I have never pressured him to change his habits or anything else about him.

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I tell her there's no pressure and we'll just see how things play out. I'm going to disagree with what some of the people have said. I'm glad a couple of you doctor wives replied back.

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Posts Talk to us Our Pics Archive. So your Husband wants to share you. Only he will let you have sex with other men.

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